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    Western Extrusions - Manufacturing Aluminum Extrusion Products

    A provider of aluminum extrusion products for use in construction and other industrial sectors, Western Extrusions relies on quality controls built into the manufacturing process. At each key phase of production, the company institutes quality checkpoints, during which computer-assisted mechanisms make measurements using highly sensitive devices; Western Extrusions’ quality assurance solutions prevent the kind of manufacturing and tooling mistakes that cost customers time and money.

    A business active in its wider industrial community, Western Extrusions holds membership with the Aluminum Extruders Council and the Aluminum Architectural Manufacturing Association. Moreover, the company is certified by the International Organization for Standardization.

    Prospective customers can learn more about the company by logging on to its website at westernextrusions.com or by calling the office directly at 972-245-7515.

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    Welcome to Western Extrusions

    Fabrication Services

    http://westernextrusions.com/services... - Reduce costs and streamline operations with Westerns’ fabrication services. We offer customers a full line of fabrication capabilities. Our variety of fabrication options assists customers in saving time and expenses through vendor consolidation and reducing in-house process requirements. Westerns’ goal is to be your single source for finished extrusion products.

    Anodizing / Finishing Services

    http://westernextrusions.com/services... - We offer a wide array of quality finishes. Aluminum is the material of choice in many applications due to its finishing characteristics and color options. Western matches the finish with the end-use application.

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    Offering extrusion, finishing, fabrication, packaging, and shipping services to its clients,...
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